About Official-IQ-Test.org We have created this IQ test to so that people all across the world may get a good estimate of their IQ. As a trusted source for Intelligent Quotient testing, we take pride exam design, exam administration, and student improvement.

Every questions has been specifically designed to not just accurately find your IQ score; but also your mental strengths and weaknesses. With Official-IQ-Test.org you can be sure that both an accurate result and specific areas of improvement are given.

We don't just specialize in determining your IQ score, but also in helping you increase it. Upon completing our IQ exam, you will be offered standardized exam questions that when practiced repeatedly will not only increase your IQ score but also assist in improvement in all of the standard measured areas:

Areas covered in the IQ Test:

1. Analytical Skills
2. Visual Skills
3. Short-term Memory
4. Pattern Recognition Skills
5. Spatial Orientation